software projekts

I’ve been developing, writing, and speaking about, software tools and development for over 25 years.

I’ve expertise in Java, the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, C, Objective-C, and iOS development and developed systems for a number of commercial and public sector organisations. This has included writing a development emulation environment for one of the first hand-held touch devices, MIDI instrument controller software, and developing a student management system for a large national training and education provider.

Between 1998 and 2012 I was Senior Researcher and Developer at Bangor University and another UK university. During this time I worked with the team that developed Colloquia, a peer-to-peer learning management and groupware system, and one of the first Java desktop applications. I then went on to co-develop the highly successful Reload tools, a suite of software tools for authoring and delivery of standard-compliant learning objects and meta-data. After the success of Reload, I explored further the possibilities of Eclipse-based Rich Client Platform tools, including the experimental PLEX Personal Learning Environment, and ReCourse, a tool to create IMS Learning Design compliant Units of Learning.

In 2010 I created the highly acclaimed ArchiMate Modelling Tool, Archi as used by hundreds of Enterprise Architects throughout the world. Archi is downloaded over 7000 times a month.

I’m continuing the development of Archi for now.

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