Magika ElectronikaMagika Electronika was released as a CD in 2002 under the name of SpongeBrain and is also available on iTunes (although I don’t see any revenue). No need to buy it when you can listen to it here.

14 pieces of extraordinary re-imaginings of some familiar genres of modern music – twisted 2-step, acid jazz, ambient DnB, and hip-hop beats enhanced by Javanese anklungs, gamelans, flugelhorns, banshee whirlers, mellotrons and mutated electronika.

Starting with the driving DnB/Jazz “x people”, moving through the ambient interlude of “y people”, the twists of mashed up two-step pieces, “mo diddley” and “mysteria magika”, and the irresistible hip-hop metamorphosis of “heliocentra” the CD drives towards the majestic and poignant tracks “magika electronika” and “morpheus”. An enchanting journey into new realms of electronika.

Computer Music magazine said of the opening track, “x people”: “Careful programming and an attention to detail has lead to a disjointed yet co-ordinated piece of muso-electronic order plucked from the jaws of chaos. SpongeBrain has a creative way with the pan pot, and you can feel the vibes waxing and waning from ear to ear with delicate precision. Some of the synth sections are bizarrely discordant. a strangely aggressive texture. It’s a strangely enticing work of art.”

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