Another Green Hocker!

Jared wanted a Green Hocker after seeing mine on Twitter (and being an ardent Zappa fan, like me), but didn’t have an external power supply so this one runs off a battery.

I didn’t use a bezel for the LED, rather a 5mm LED. Easier to see.


Green Hocker

This is a clone of the Earthquaker Devices Tentacle –

Note that there are no pots on this one, just on and off so I decided to make a feature of the (green) LED by putting it in a bezel. It looked naked otherwise.

When it came to do the artwork and theme I wasn’t getting any inspiration from tentacles or underwater sea creatures.

I did some research and found out that it is based off a Dan Armstrong Green Ringer pedal. Then I discovered that Frank Zappa used one of these built into his guitar.

So, with the ingredients of “Green” and “Zappa”, I present to you the Green Hocker:


Green hocker croakin’
In the Pygmy Twylyte

Crankin’ an’ a-coke’n
In the Winchell’s do-nut Midnite

Out of his deep on a ‘fore day run
Hurtin’ for sleep in the Quaalude Moonlight



New pedal day!

This one is a clone of the ZVex Mastotron, a farty silicon fuzz, and the layout is here –

When it came to do the artwork and theme I wasn’t getting any inspiration from elephants or suchlike. A few happy accidents later I came up with The Scotoma (see Scintillating Scotoma, something which I get from time to time):

It was a bit of a squeeze getting it all into a 1590B which meant that the toggle switch is too close to the stomp switch, but as I’m not going to gig with it, it will be OK.




I built another Fuzz Factory variant. This one has an extra knob, “sub”, which is a 50k log pot in series with a 3.3uF capacitor and these are in parallel with C2 in the schematic I posted before.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Fuzzadillo!

You can see the FF schematic around the stomp switch.

Fast and Bulbous

I had a neon meate dream of a octafish. And an obsession with the Fuzz Factory circuit, and buying old AC128 transistors. The circuit is simple and easy to knock up, the enclosure and art concept takes longer.



I added a “bulbous” (fat) switch.

There’s a 100nF capacitor going from Q1 to Q2 (C2 in this schematic):


All the switch (SPST) does is switch in another cap (4.7uF) across that cap giving it lower frequencies.



Bulbous also tapered!

(Tin Teardrop would be a good name for a pedal. And Orange Claw Hammer for a compressor or Bat Chain Puller for a delay…or a Booglarizer?)

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