Robert Fripp says…

begin with the possible and move gradually towards the impossible.

so, what is possible?

if getting out of bed in the morning and saying – Hello God! – is all that’s possible, then that’s what is it. but, this must be done.

it is easy to be overwhelmed, so we do what we can + 10%.

one very practical thing i find useful in my own, overwhelmed life – to do one very small thing.

for example, i have too many books and CDs to be sorted and placed on shelves. there is no possibility that i can do this. but, i can move one CD or one book to its place on a shelf. but, that one CD or that one book i have to do. then, something has changed. not a lot quantitatively, but very much qualitatively – we are in process.

so, we can’t do the morning sitting. can we say – Hello God! – and sit on the chair, bring part of attention into our right hand?

if that’s all we can do, that’s our morning sitting. and good to say – Thank you God! – when we get up.

crushed by the weight of life, it’s very easy to forget that Love is closer to us than the air we breathe. and even if we forget it, Love remains.

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