Another Green Hocker!

Jared wanted a Green Hocker after seeing mine on Twitter (and being an ardent Zappa fan, like me), but didn’t have an external power supply so this one runs off a battery.

I didn’t use a bezel for the LED, rather a 5mm LED. Easier to see.


Green Hocker

This is a clone of the Earthquaker Devices Tentacle –

Note that there are no pots on this one, just on and off so I decided to make a feature of the (green) LED by putting it in a bezel. It looked naked otherwise.

When it came to do the artwork and theme I wasn’t getting any inspiration from tentacles or underwater sea creatures.

I did some research and found out that it is based off a Dan Armstrong Green Ringer pedal. Then I discovered that Frank Zappa used one of these built into his guitar.

So, with the ingredients of “Green” and “Zappa”, I present to you the Green Hocker:


Green hocker croakin’
In the Pygmy Twylyte

Crankin’ an’ a-coke’n
In the Winchell’s do-nut Midnite

Out of his deep on a ‘fore day run
Hurtin’ for sleep in the Quaalude Moonlight



New pedal day!

This one is a clone of the ZVex Mastotron, a farty silicon fuzz, and the layout is here –

When it came to do the artwork and theme I wasn’t getting any inspiration from elephants or suchlike. A few happy accidents later I came up with The Scotoma (see Scintillating Scotoma, something which I get from time to time):

It was a bit of a squeeze getting it all into a 1590B which meant that the toggle switch is too close to the stomp switch, but as I’m not going to gig with it, it will be OK.




I built another Fuzz Factory variant. This one has an extra knob, “sub”, which is a 50k log pot in series with a 3.3uF capacitor and these are in parallel with C2 in the schematic I posted before.

Ladies and Gentleman, the Fuzzadillo!

You can see the FF schematic around the stomp switch.

Fast and Bulbous

I had a neon meate dream of a octafish. And an obsession with the Fuzz Factory circuit, and buying old AC128 transistors. The circuit is simple and easy to knock up, the enclosure and art concept takes longer.



I added a “bulbous” (fat) switch.

There’s a 100nF capacitor going from Q1 to Q2 (C2 in this schematic):


All the switch (SPST) does is switch in another cap (4.7uF) across that cap giving it lower frequencies.



Bulbous also tapered!

(Tin Teardrop would be a good name for a pedal. And Orange Claw Hammer for a compressor or Bat Chain Puller for a delay…or a Booglarizer?)

Love Hearts 11

My first pedal build was a Timmy clone. Then I made a Jan Ray clone which is a clone of the Timmy. But there’s also another clone in the game – the Lovepedal Amp Eleven. So I made one with the layout from tagboardeffects.

I used a violet coloured enclosure and red 1510 Davies knobs (from Tayda) and the combination of “Lovepedal” and violet reminded me of Swizzels Love Hearts sweets. Remember those?


So far, this is proving to be my favourite pedal out of the three. And I very much like the design concept. 🙂

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