Jazzy! Pedal Build

I’m learning electronics and building my own guitar effects pedals. I’ve bought a bunch of components, some tools and I’m looking through the list of possible build candidates at tagboardeffects.

Here’s my first pedal, the “Jazzy!” pedal:

It’s a pedal in honour of the musicologist cat, Jasper (or Jazzy as we called him), who sadly had to depart to a higher plane last summer. Jazzy would offer advice on the tones, pedals and guitars he did or didn’t approve of by either curling up on the chair and making a small buzzing sound, or exiting the building. Thus the control names of “Shout” (Volume), “Buzz” (Drive), “Scratch” (Treble) and “Purr” (Bass).

It’s actually a clone of the “Timmy” pedal.

This is the schematic:

I tried it out in cardboard enclosure first to see if it would all fit in.

It was painted with Rustoleum spray paint and finished with Rustoleum gloss clear coat.

Ugh. Any Rustoleum product is crap. The paint is like treacle, and their clear coat disintegrates. It would have looked better if I had poured a bucket of cold sick over it. And it was a real pain to do the paint spraying, so I quickly put on some very basic “artwork” with some Posca pens in the hope of making them look cheesy, like these ones.

And here’s a gallery of construction pics.

I’m going to be building a lot more pedals this year…

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