Deep Blue Delay Pedal

New Pedal Build Day.

This one is a clone of the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay. Sounds like it might be nice and analogue:

Deep Blue Delay (DBD) is a natural sounding digital/analog delay, with analog direct signal path. The DBD has about the same bandwidth as the classic tape echo units, and it can be used in front of an amplifier or in amplifier effects loops.

There are no noise reduction circuits, which keeps decay of echo as natural as possible.

The direct signal path is short and made with analog amplifiers with no filtering.

There should be no distortion or tone coloration as long as input level is in range below maximum allowed.

The echo signal has a tuned filtering to allow extreme settings without interference.

The delay is specially designed to work well with distorted tone, as this is the most critical application, where delays often fail.

You can use the pedal before or after distortion. As such, it will work exceptionally well on clean sounds where requirements are less stringent, especially in terms of echo bandwidth and repeat formation.

The delay tone has been carefully tuned with lot of attention to the first critical reflection and how the repeats decay.

New things for me are:

  • Now using 7/0.2 stranded wire for interconnects. Solid core is nice but kept breaking at the weak points.
  • Bought some Irwin wire strippers – faster than using a scalpel!
  • Ordered a load of pots and knobs from Tayda – quality of these is fine
  • My soldering on the vero is still a little sloppy. This is because I can’t see it that well, so still investigating which magnifying lamp to buy
  • The “theory” part of this challenge has taken a back seat as I get to grips with all of the practical issues
  • Going to experiment with Envirotex for finishing

The “artwork” is still dodgy. It was Posca Pens and some clear coat on the top. Not sure about these Poscas.

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