Building a Pedal Part 2

I think it’s useful to have the schematic to cross reference and see the theory behind it all. After Googling “Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun Schematic” I found this:

And I’m going to order the parts. I can get most things from:

Bitsbox – a great place for audio components
CPC – good for general purpose stuff like resistors and capacitors
RS – like CPC, good for general stuff
Tayda – a really great and cheap company in Thailand – they do a 15% discount
code about twice a month – keep a lookout on their Facebook page.

But to be honest, I’ve already stocked up on some resistors and capacitors since it’s cheaper to buy in larger quantities.

Here’s my buying guide:

The only tricky component was the 2N5306 transistor which I couldn’t find at CPC, RS, or Bitsbox, but Tayda have some so I ordered a few, at the same time as stocking up on some more enclosures and knobs.


Here’s the plan:

  • Collect the various components
  • Cut and prepare the vero board
  • Make the first connections and add some components

I get the vero board from Bitsbox. I buy it in packs of 5 or so and it looks like this:

You can also get it on Amazon:


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