I wanted to build another Zendrive clone. The Koan Drive used an OPA2604 opamp but I thought I’d try a AD712 (from eBay). There isn’t much difference, if any, in the sound. But still, I love the pedal so much I wanted a spare.


Also…I found another way to seal the artwork decal on a pedal.

He says further down – “…inkjet clear sticker film with an extra sheet stuck over the printing for protection.”

I used this transparent sticker film as the top layer because that’s all I have right now – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0725Z8CVB/
So, I printed out the colour label and then stuck the clear layer over that and then cut the whole thing out and stuck it to the enclosure.
Then I did an experiment – I ran the whole lot under the hot tap. Then a gooey layer of the transparent film started to come off in small lumps (the top coat of the clear vinyl). After a bit of rinsing and a final rub down with meths it came up really shiny and smooth. And the fingernail grooves I put in (deliberately) disappeared. It looks great!


What was that Carpenters song?

“…and say goodbye to…Envirotex…”



Here you can see the edge of the decal, looks great.

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